Selected Publications since 2009


Löhle M, Hermann A, Glaß H, Kempe H, Schwarz SC, Kim JB, Poulet C, Ravens U, Schwarz J, Schöler HR, Storch A, 2012, Differentiation efficiency of induced pluripotent stem cells depends on the number of reprogramming factors, Stem Cells, in press (IF: 7,871)

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 Mende S, Royer L, Herr A, Schmiedel J, Deschauer M, Klopstock T, Kostic VS, Schroeder M, Reichmann H, Storch A, 2011, Whole blood genome-wide expression profiling and network analysis suggest MELAS master regulators, Neurol. Res. 33(6): 638-655 (IF: 1,621)

 Loewenbrück KF, Fuchs B, Hermann A, Brandt M, Werner A, Kirsch M, Schwarz S, Schwarz J, Schiller J, Storch A, 2011, Proton MR spectroscopy of neural stem cells: Does the peak at 1.28 ppm functions as a biomarker for cell type or state? Rejuvenation Res. 14(4): 371-381 (IF: 4,225)

 Liebau S, Steinestel J, Linta L, Kleger A, Storch A, Schoen M, Steinestel K, Schmeisser MJ, Proepper C, Bockmann J, Boeckers TM, 2011, An SK3 channel/nWASP/Abi-1 complex is involved in early neurogenesis, Plos One 6(3): e18148 (IF: 4,411)

 Schrempf W, Eulitz M, Neumeister V, Siegert G, Koch R, Reichmann H, Storch A, 2011, Utility of measuring vitamin B12 and its active fraction, holotranscobalamin, in neurological vitamin B12 deficiency syndromes, J. Neurol. 258: 393–401 (IF: 3,853)

 Wolz M, Löhle M, Strecker K, Schwanebeck U, Schneider C, Reichmann H, Grählert X, Schwarz J, Storch A, 2010, Levetiracetam for levodopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, J. Neural Transm. 117(11): 1279-86 (IF: 2,597)

 Kleger A, Seufferlein T, Malan D, Tischendorf M, Storch A, Wolheim A, Latz S, Protze S, Porzner M, Proepper C, Brunner C, Katz S-F, Pusapati GV, Bullinger L, Franz W-M, Koehntop R, Giehl K, Spyrantis A, Wittekindt O, Lin Q, Zenke M, Fleischmann BK, Wartenberg M, Wobus AM, Boeckers TM, Liebau S, 2010, Modulation of calcium activated potassium channels induces cardiogenesis of pluripotent stem cells and enrichment of pacemaker-like cells, Circulation 122: 1823-1836 (IF: 14,429)

 Meyer AK, Maisel M, Hermann A, Stirl K, Storch A, 2010, Restorative approaches in Parkinson`s disease: Which cell type wins the race? J. Neurol. Sci. 289: 93–103 (IF: 2,167)

 Brandt MD, Maass A, Kempermann G, Storch A, 2010, Physical exercise increases Notch activity, proliferation and cell cycle exit of type-3 progenitor cells in adult hippocampal neurogenesis, Eur. J. Neurosci. 32(8): 1256-64 (IF: 3,658)

 Buddensiek J, Dressel A, Kowalski M, Runge U, Schroeder H, Hermann A, Kirsch M, Storch A, Sabolek M, 2010, Cerebrospinal fluid promotes survival and astroglial differentiation of adult human neural progenitor cells but inhibits proliferation and neuronal differentiation, BMC Neuroscience 11: 48 (IF: 3,091)

 Maisel A, Habisch H-J, Royer L, Herr A, Milosevic J, Hermann A, Liebau S, Brenner R, Schwarz J, Schroeder M, Storch A, 2010, Genome-wide expression profiling and functional network analysis upon neuroectodermal conversion of human mesenchymal stem cells suggest HIF-1 and miR-124a as important regulators, Exp. Cell Res. 316: 2760-2778 (IF: 3,609)

 Felk S, Ohrt S, Storch A, Gillardon F, 2010, Activation of the mitochondrial protein quality control system and actin cytoskeletal alterations in cells harbouring the MELAS mitochondrial DNA mutation, J. Neurol. Sci. 295(1-2): 46-52 (IF: 2,167)

 Habisch H-J, Liebau S, Lenk T, Ludolph AC, Brenner R, Storch A, 2010, Neuroectodermally converted human mesenchymal stem cells provide cytoprotective effects on neural stem cells and inhibit their glial differentiation, Cytotherapy 12(4): 491-504 (IF: 2,925)

 Schneider CB, Pilhatsch M, Rifati M, Jost WH, Wodarz F, Ebersbach G, Djundja D, Fuchs G, Gies A, Odin P, Reifschneider G, Wolz M, Bottesi A, Bauer M, Reichmann H, Storch A, 2010, Utility of the WHO-5 Wellbeing Index as a screening tool for depression in Parkinson’s disease, Mov. Disord. 25(6): 769-75 (IF: 4,480)

 Lanfer B, Hermann A, Kirsch M, Freudenberg U, Reuner U, Werner C, Storch A, 2010, Directed growth of adult human white matter stem cell-derived neurons on aligned fibrillar collagen, Tissue Eng. 16(4): 1103-1113 (IF: 4,636)

 Habisch H-J, Schmid B, von Arnim CAF, Ludolph AC, Brenner R, Storch A, 2010, Efficient processing of Alzheimer’s disease amyloid-beta peptides by neuroectodermally converted mesenchymal stem cells, Stem Cells Dev. 19(5): 629-633 (IF: 4,791)

 Lottaz C, Beier D, Meyer K, Kumar P, Hermann A, Schwarz J, Junker M, Oefner PJ, Bogdahn U, Wischhusen J, Spang R, Storch A, Beier CP, 2010, Transcriptional profiles of CD133+ and CD133- glioblastoma-derived cancer stem cell lines suggest different cells of origin, Cancer Res. 70(5): 2030-2040 (IF: 8,234)

Hermann A, List C, Habisch H-J, Vukicevic V, Ehrhart-Bornstein M, Brenner R, Bernstein P, Fickert S, Storch A, 2010, Age-dependent neuroectodermal differentiation capacity of human mesenchymal stem cells: Limitations for autologous cell replacement strategies, Cytotherapy 12(1): 17-30 (IF: 2,925)

Milosevic J, Schwarz SC, Ogunlade V, Meyer AK, Storch A, Schwarz J, 2009, Emerging role of LRRK2 in human neural progenitor cell cycle progression, survival and differentiation, Mol. Neurodegen. doi: 10.1186/1750-1326-4-25 (IF: 5,091)

Chung KF, Sicard F, Vukicevic V, Hermann A, Storch A, Huttner WB, Bornstein SR, Ehrhart-Bornstein M, 2009, Isolation of neural crest derived chromaffin progenitors from adult adrenal medulla, Stem Cells 27(10): 2602-2613 (IF: 7,747)

Freudenberg U, Hermann A, Welzel PB, Stirl K, Schwarz SC, Grimmer M, Zieris A, Panyanuwat W, Zschoche S, Meinhold D, Storch A, Werner C, 2009, A starPEG-heparin hydrogel platform for cell replacement therapies of neurodegenerative diseases, Biomaterials 30(28): 5049-5060 (IF: 7,365)

Buddensiek J, Dressel A, Kowalski M, Storch A, Sabolek M, 2009, Adult cerebrospinal fluid inhibits neurogenesis, but facilitates gliogenesis from fetal rat neural stem cells, J. Neurosci. Res. 87: 3054–3066 (IF: 2,986)

Sabolek M, Baumann B, Heinrich M, Meyer AK, Herborg A, Liebau S, Maisel M, Hermann A, Herr A, Schwarz J, Wirth T, Storch A, 2009, Initiation of dopaminergic differentiation of mesencephalic precursor cells by interleukin-1b depends on activation of multiple MAP kinase pathways, Stem Cells 27(8): 2009-2021 (IF: 7,747)

Wolz M, Kaminsky A, Löhle M, Koch R, Storch A$, Reichmann H$, 2009, Chocolate consumption is increased in Parkinson's disease: Results from a self-questionnaire study. J. Neurol. 256(3): 488-492 (IF: 2,903)

$ shared senior authors

Hermann A, Suess C, Fauser M, Kanzler S, Witt M, Fabel K, Schwarz J, Höglinger GU, Storch A, 2009, Rostro-caudal gradual loss of cellular diversity within the periventricular regions of the ventricular system, Stem Cells 27(4): 928-941 (IF: 7,747) [cover]

Milosevic J, Adler I, Manaenko A, Schwarz SC, Walkinshaw G, Arend M, Flippin LA, Storch A, Schwarz J, 2009, Non-hypoxic stabilization of hypoxia-inducible factor alpha (HIF-alpha): Relevance in neural progenitor/stem cells, Neurotox. Res. 15(4): 367-380 (IF: 2,828)